1. Interview with Dr. Liz Zubek

In our inaugural episode we meet our host, Sarah Cormode. Sarah draws upon her expertise in education, research and outdoor adventure to explore all things Lyme. She reflects back on her own experience with Lyme disease after being bitten by a tick in her backyard in 2012, then ventures out to speak with a wide variety of experts to better understand this disease. Guided by her own experience with Lyme disease, Sarah reveals a distinctly Canadian perspective of Lyme disease. 

In this episode, Sarah explores Lyme disease through the perspective of a Canadian family physician during her interview with Dr. Liz Zubek

Dr. Zubek introduces us to many of the issues faced by physicians and patients in dealing with Lyme disease. She notes the diversity of symptoms that Lyme patients experience and sheds some light on testing for Lyme disease in Canada. Beyond the challenges due to testing, Dr. Zubek explains that treatment considerations should take into account the complex nature of the bacteria. She points out that gaps in research and testing have caused a fragmented knowledge base regarding Lyme disease, creating challenges in physician training. Dr. Zubek describes the importance of individualized treatment to address which organs and systems are affected in each patient. 

Dr. Zubek describes the importance of considering the role of biofilm and various forms of the bacteria in understanding the basis for treatment protocols. Last but not least, Dr. Zubek describes the importance of addressing individual patient preferences when creating a treatment plan for Lyme patients. 

Thank you so much Dr. Zubek for joining us as we launch our podcast! Tune in next week while we explore the curious world of ticks with geneticist and tick scientist Justin Woods. 

Dr. Zubek’s references

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NOTE: CanLyme has grants available for Canadian physicians to participate in the Conference

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The Centre for Effective Practice with the College of Family Physicians of Canada published a toolkit for acute Lyme disease in February, 2020.

For persistent presentations of the disease, Dr. Zubek referenced Cameron, Johnson and Maloney (2014) and their article regarding evidence-based guidelines for the clinical management of patients.

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