8. How to protect your pet from Lyme disease

Episode 8 of Looking at Lyme with Dr. Joe Bloom and Sarah Cormode.

In today’s episode, Sarah speaks with veterinarian Dr. Joe Bloom to find out more about Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses, and how they could affect our pets. Dr. Bloom works in an endemic area of the United States and sees many dogs with Lyme disease in his practice, explaining signs and symptoms that dogs might experience. He also describes the different kinds of tests he uses to diagnose Lyme and other tick-borne diseases in dogs.

Did you know that some dogs can have Lyme disease but not show symptoms? Dr. Bloom explains how further testing can help determine how the Lyme bacteria is affecting your dog in ways that may not be visible.

Dr. Bloom mentions some of the medications currently available to repel and kill ticks on pets. He also gives his recommendation for tick removal and follow up when a tick is found embedded on your pet, highlighting areas that ticks are more likely to be found. Finally, Dr. Bloom points out that tick bites can occur during the winter, especially during warmer spells when ticks become active. Thank you Dr. Bloom for showing us how to keep our pets safe in the outdoors!

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Episode 8 of Looking at Lyme with Dr. Joe Bloom and Sarah Cormode.

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