That’s a wrap on season two: stay safe in the outdoors

The words, stay tuned, float over top of a ten nestled in a quiet arbutus tree grove where someone is camping for the summer break.

Thank you so much everyone for joining us for season two. We had the privilege of speaking so many amazing people this season, including Dr. Vett Lloyd, Dr. Betty Maloney, and Dr. Theoharides, and with outdoor educators like Mike Horembala and Lauren Hudson.

If you haven’t checked it out already, please check out our Educators’ Resource. The Second Edition is finished and available for download.

We love hearing from our listeners. Please send us your ideas and questions!

We’re on a break but we are getting ready for season three and we want to share our excitement with you. We have so many new excellent interviews lined up and will continue to dive into the science with leading experts.

Stay tuned, and see you after the summer. Remember, check for ticks after outdoor adventures and stay safe in the outdoors!

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