Lyme disease from a nursing perspective

professional headshot of Ginger Savely, next to a text quote about the role of nurses in treating lyme disease

Nurse Practitioner Ginger Savely has specialized in the treatment of patients with tick-borne illnesses for the past two decades, and has authored and co-authored many articles in nursing and medical journals.

Now living in Washington, DC, she first started researching Lyme while living in Texas, when her 16 year old daughter became very ill with the disease.

Dr. Savely later became quite ill with the disease, eventually leading her to make it the focus of her own practice. She points out that nurses can teach about ways to prevent tick encounters, do tick checks, assess for the myriad of symptoms for Lyme disease, and share what they have learned wherever they go.

In her own practice, Dr. Savely has learned how to efficiently review the often complex medical records that her patients arrive with, and discern important information for diagnosis and treatment.

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