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An adult sprays AtlanTick anti-tick spray onto a child's arm.

When it comes to Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses, prevention is paramount! There are some basic steps you can take to protect yourself and your family, including applying insect repellent before going outdoors. Keeping a supply of insect spray near the door, in your pack and in your car makes that important step even easier. 

The story behind AtlanTick

The creators of AtlanTick botanical insect repellents are offering our Canadian and US listeners a 20% discount when ordering from their online store. You can learn more about AtlanTick in this podcast, where Sarah speaks with Lisa Learning and Nancy Thompson. They talk about how and why they created a botanical insect repellent, and explore some of the science required to attain Health Canada registration.

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Learn more about AtlanTick, visit their online store, and enter the promo code “CanLyme” at the checkout to receive a 20% discount. Thank you AtlanTick for continuing to help everyone stay safe in the outdoors!

Use promo code CANLYME at check out to receive a 20% discount: AtlanTick.

Lisa and Nancy have been directly involved with and continue to oversee the research and development of Atlantick’s novel tick repellent formulas and related spin-off products. Dr. Nicoletta Faraone and Dr. Kirk Hillier, of Acadia University, have been involved in the study of Atlantick’s original Outdoor Spray and the ensuing development of Atlantick’s range of novel tick repellent formulas. This team has an extensive R&D background and specialized expertise related to arthropod physiology and olfaction, and the impact essential oil based-products have on them.

About Lisa Learning

Lisa Learning, BBA, is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in running successful small businesses. She is highly skilled in idea development and execution, budget management, staff management, marketing, graphic design, public relations, media outreach, website development, public outreach, and education.

After earning her BBA from St. Francis Xavier University, Lisa briefly worked in the banking industry before realizing her passion for entrepreneurship. She started her first business, Wandering Spirits Aboriginal Artworks, which achieved both financial and critical success. She then went on to launch a property development and rental business, which she ran successfully for eleven years.

Lisa’s entrepreneurial spirit continued to thrive, and she sought out new challenges. After both of her sons fell sick due to the growing Lyme disease epidemic, she founded AtlanTick Repellent Products Inc., a tick-safety company that works with a group of scientists to develop safe and effective prevention-based solutions for people, dogs, and horses.

Throughout her career, Lisa has continued to be inspired and challenged by entrepreneurship, and her diverse experiences have made her a valuable asset in various fields.

About Nancy Thompson

Nancy Thompson, BA, has 20 years of experience working in the community development and services sector, with extensive background in management of government contracts, budgets and staff in several diverse service streams, quality assurance and continuous improvement, and public education and outreach. Nancy joined Atlantick as co-owner and partner in 2018, after recovering from a debilitating case of neuroborreliosis. As someone directly impacted by the devastation of Lyme disease and co-infections, Nancy is dedicated to finding solutions that are safe for people, pets and the planet.

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