ILADS Conference Grant

Conference dates: September 10-13, 2020

The Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation (CanLyme) is dedicated to promoting research, education, diagnosis and treatment of Lyme and associated diseases. CanLyme is offering a limited number of grants to practicing Canadian physicians to cover 80% of the registration fee for the International Lyme and Associated Diseases (ILADS) Annual Scientific Conference (including the Lyme Fundamentals program) offered online September 10-13, 2020.

Please complete the application form to confirm pre-approval. Grant eligibility criteria:

  1. Must be a practicing Canadian physician registered with their provincial/territorial college;
  2. First time attending ILADS Conference; 
  3. Conference registration receipt must be provided to CanLyme; and,
  4. Optional ILADS membership fees are not subject to reimbursement.

Physicians from across Canada are encouraged to apply as we are hoping to provide grants to physicians in each province/territory. 

Find out more about the ILADS Conference 2020.


The International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) is a non-profit, international, multi-disciplinary medical society, dedicated to the diagnosis and appropriate treatment of Lyme and its associated diseases. ILADS promotes understanding of Lyme through research and education and strongly supports physicians and other healthcare professionals dedicated to advancing the standard of care for Lyme and its associated diseases. 

ILADS welcomes medical practitioners, researchers and medical students who are interested in learning more about tick-borne illnesses and their management. ILADS offers effective educational programming, including the intensive Lyme Fundamentals course (offered on Thursday, September 10th, 2020). Members are part of a network of peers with diverse background, all working together to advance the care of patients with tick-borne infections.

ILADS membership is optional but very beneficial. CanLyme is not able to reimburse membership fees.

ILADS members gain access to:

  • Community of experts
  • Member forums
  • Specialization (groups based on specialities and best practices)
  • Discount for ILADS Scientific Conference
  • Physician Training Program
  • Research and Training Materials

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