A podcast by the Canadiana Lyme Disease Foundation

Looking at Lyme is an educational podcast created by the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation, designed to increase awareness and empower listeners with expert knowledge. 

Podcast episodes

Dr. Nancy O'Hara stands in an open office area with her hands folded over a pane of glass and the beautiful greenery from the park behind her shines through.

Bonus episode, 56: PANS, PANDAS and Lyme with Dr. Nancy O’Hara

In this episode of Looking at Lyme, we explore how Lyme disease and other infections can appear dramatically different in children. Sometimes strep and other infections can even cause a…

Episode 55 with Dr. Brian Fallon: headshot of Brian in a library.

55. Mental health and Lyme disease with Dr. Brian Fallon

In this podcast, Sarah talks with Dr. Brian Fallon about the cognitive and mental health manifestations of Lyme disease, and about some of his past and future research collaborations. Dr.…

Jordan Tesluk stands in a stairwell looking up.

54. Safety in the workplace with Jordan Tesluk

A growing concern for many outdoor workers across the country is the risk of a tick encounter in their workplace. Fortunately there are steps that employers and employees can take…

Tim Tchida on episode 53 of Looking at Lyme, with host Sarah Cormode.

53. Ticks in the outdoor workplace with Tim Tchida

Ticks can be found in our backyards, parks and school grounds, and for thousands of Canadians, they can also be found in their workplace. Foresters, linesmen, landscapers, and tree planters…

Lisa Learning and Nancy Thompson stand together with the Looking at Lyme logo off to the side.

52. Natural bug repellents with Lisa Learning and Nancy Thompson 

In this podcast, Sarah is joined by two Canadian women who have joined forces to create, research, and sell tick repellants made without harsh chemicals. Lisa Learning is an Indigenous…

Dr. Rebecca Trout Fryxell on Looking at Lyme Season Four, Episode 51.

51. Tick habits and habitats with Dr. Rebecca Trout Fryxell

Dr. Rebecca Trout Fryxell is a medical and veterinary entomologist, researcher and associate professor at the University of Tennessee and joins us from Knoxville, Tennessee. In this episode, Dr. Trout…

Dr. Neil Nathan is a guest on Looking at Lyme, season four. Dr. Nathan leans forward in an office in this part two episode.

50. Bartonella, mold and more with Dr. Neil Nathan (part 2)

Dr. Neil Nathan is a physician and author, and has practiced medicine for over 50 years in the areas of family medicine and pain management. In part 2 of our…

Dr. Neil Nathan is a guest on Looking at Lyme, season four!

49. Mold, Lyme and Bartonella with Dr. Neil Nathan (part 1)

Dr. Neil Nathan is a physician and author, and is a Founding Diplomate of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, and the International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness (ISEAI).…

Episode 48 with Dr. Eboni Cornish, on the Looking at Lyme podcast.

48. Looking at the brain with Eboni Cornish

Dr. Cornish is an integrative functional physician working at the Amen Clinics. She was introduced to chronic Lyme disease when working with a patient who was not cured by a…

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