A podcast by the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation

Looking at Lyme is an educational podcast created by the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation, designed to increase awareness and empower listeners with expert knowledge. 

Podcast episodes

Dr. Nevena Zubcevik joins Looking at Lyme on episode 65.

Exploring Invisible International with Dr. Nevena Zubcevik

In this podcast, we speak with Dr. Nevena Zubcevik, a…

Dr. Marie Matheson joins Sofia Osborne and Catherine Kinsella on Looking at Lyme podcast, episode 64.

64. Foundations of healing with Dr. Marie Matheson

In this podcast, we speak with Canadian naturopathic doctor, Dr.…

Sarah Quillen joins Catherine Kinsella and Sofia Osborne on Looking at Lyme.

63. Getting to know ILADS with Sarah Quillen

In this podcast we speak with Sarah Quillen, executive director…

Episode 62 on Lyme disease and Mario Levesque.

62. The role of patient organizations with Mario Levesque

In this podcast we speak with Mario Levesque, Associate Professor…

Episode 61 of Looking at Lyme, with Rachel and Dorothy Leland, standing back to back.

61. Seeking answers and finding resilience with Rachel and Dorothy Leland

In this episode of the Looking at Lyme podcast we…

Episode 60 with Dr. Monica Embers on Looking at Lyme with Sofia Osborne and Catherine Kinsella.

60. Lyme persistence and combination antibiotic research with Monica Embers

In this podcast, we’re excited to speak with Dr. Monica…

Janet Sperling leans in at the lab with the Looking at Lyme logo over the Season 5 Episode 59 marker.

59. Reflecting on Lyme disease in Canada with Janet Sperling

Janet Sperling is an entomologist, researcher and president of the…

Season 5 Trailer, with Catherine Kinsella and Sofia Osborne!

Season Five of Looking at Lyme, coming soon!

Welcome to Season 5 of the Looking at Lyme podcast!…

Dr. Leona Gilbert, Episode 58, on Looking at Lyme Podcast.

Bonus episode 58. Under the microscope with Dr. Leona Gilbert

In this podcast we catch up with Dr. Leona Gilbert…

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