Meet Dr. Sam Donta

Dr. Sam Donta smiles widely.

Dr. Donta grew up in Western Pennsylvania, receiving his MD from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, along with the Mosby Award for Clinical Excellence. He did post-doctoral training in Biochemistry at Brandeis University, and a Fellowship in Infectious Diseases at Boston University, focusing his interest on microbial toxins. 

Dr. Donta spent 11 years at the University of Iowa as a Professor of Medicine and Chief of Infectious Diseases. He then further developed his clinical and research skills at the University of Connecticut as Chief of Infectious Diseases, and Chief of Medicine at the VA, during which time he developed both a clinical and research interest

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Dr. Donta completed his post-graduate work at Boston University in Molecular Medicine and then joined the faculty in Infectious Diseases and Molecular Medicine, establishing a Lyme Disease Center to further conduct clinical and research studies. He was also a staff member at the Boston VA where he chaired two studies on Gulf War Illness. During his academic career, he served on a National Institutes of Health (NIH) study section, and chaired another ad hoc NIH study section. 

After his retirement from academic medicine, he continued a clinical practice in Boston and Falmouth MA, concentrating on Lyme disease. Since his retirement from active clinical practice, he remains active as a consultant in Infectious Diseases at Falmouth Hospital, and serves on a number of county, state, and national committees related to Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases. 

Dr. Donta most recently served on the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program, the Department of Defence’s Tick Borne Disease Research Programmatic Review Panel, and has served on the US Department of Health and Human Services Working Group Subcommittee on the pathogenesis and treatment of Lyme disease. He is the author of 100+ scientific publications on toxins, Lyme disease, and Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses.

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