Bonus book giveaway, Brain Inflamed

Find out how to win this book, Brain Inflamed, by Dr. Kenneth Bock.

We have a book giveaway! In episode 31 we interviewed Dr. Kenneth Bock about his integrative approach to medicine. You can enter to win Dr. Bock’s recent book, Brain Inflamed, by following us on Twitter: @Lookingatlyme_

Many patients with Lyme disease and co-infections such as Bartonella experience the effects of inflammation in the brain and central nervous system. One of the chapters of Dr. Bock’s latest book, Brain Inflamed, is dedicated to the effect of Lyme disease and co-infections in the brain. He explains that infections, stress, toxicants and brain trauma can all cause inflammation of the brain. Some of the symptoms familiar to Lyme patients are decreased memory and word finding difficulties. 

“Integrative medicine is a practice of medicine that really emphasizes seeking underlying root causes…it’s a mindset that looks at symptoms and looks at medical problems and tries to not just put bandaids on them but actually figure out what’s really going on.”

Dr. Kenneth Bock

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