Bonus: tick removal kit giveaway!

Enter to win one of ten free tick removal kits.

We are giving away ten free tick removal kits, courtesy of CanLyme! Pack this in your backpack or in your first aid kit and take it on adventures with you.

All you need to do is tag us in a photo on Instagram having fun and saying safe in the outdoors. Our Instagram handle is @canlyme_canada. #StaySafeInTheOutdoors

The most complete tick removal kit on the market, for your first-aid kit, glove box, backpack, or purse, etc., with tick identification cards, 3 styles of tick removers (ie, if tick is in your ear or a pet’s ear a different tick remover size and style are required), magnifying glass, containers to put ticks into, instructions for proper tick removal, identification, container to save tick in.


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