Second edition of the Educators’ Resource

Second edition of the LEAP Educators' Resource with some slides from the slide deck splashed around.

CanLyme is excited to announce the launch of the updated and revised resource for educators who teach in the outdoor classroom. Whether you are new to outdoor education or a seasoned wilderness guide, this teaching resource provides information through engaging learning experiences. Students can learn how to identify ticks and tick habitats so that they can avoid tick bites and recognize signs and symptoms of Lyme disease.

This resource has been developed by the Lyme Education Awareness and Prevention (LEAP) team, an initiative of the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation (CanLyme). The purpose of this resource is to equip educators, their students and parents with knowledge about ticks and Lyme disease so that they can safely explore the outdoors with a new level of awareness.

Lyme Education Awareness and Prevention (LEAP) Educator’s Resource
ISBN: 978-1-7774578-1-5
Second edition

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