That’s a wrap for season four!

Season highlights and a link to our podcast survey.

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Here are a few highlights from our fourth season of the Looking at Lyme podcast. Thank you to all of our guests for sharing your time and expertise with us! We launched season four with several back-to-back episodes that were all about the brain and limbic system, including different approaches to address these issues. We then looked to the outdoors and explored prevention strategies, including ways to address tick encounters in school grounds and workplaces. We wrapped up season four with an important discussion (our 55th podcast!) with Dr. Brian Fallon about Lyme disease and mental health, and we launched our new podcast survey.

Brain retraining, meditation and SPECT brain imaging

Dr. Patrick Porter introduced us to his cutting edge Brain Tap technology that uses light and  sound to calm or focus the brain. On the heels of that podcast, we spoke with Annie Hopper about DNRS, the Dynamic Neural Retraining System that she developed in response to her own experience with multiple environmental sensitivities. Nicholas Arsenault introduced us to meditation as a way to address the mental health component of Lyme disease, and Dr. Eboni Cornish explored the use of SPECT scan imaging to better understand brain changes that occur with Lyme. 

Lyme, mold and multiple sensitivities

We published our first ever two-part podcast after speaking with Dr. Neil Nathan. In part one, he spoke about Lyme, co-infections and mold and explained some of the effects they have on the limbic, vagal nerve and mast cell systems. He did a deeper dive in part two and spoke about Bartonella infection and the issue of multiple chemical sensitivities.

Outdoor safety and ticks in the workplace

Our focus shifted with several podcasts that were focussed on the outdoors. We spoke with Dr. Rebecca Trout Fryxell about tick habits and habitats. Lisa Learning and Nancy Thompson introduced us to their natural tick repellents, and spoke about the process of getting their tick repellent registered in Canada. Tim Tchida and Jordan Tesluk spoke about strategies for businesses and individuals who encounter ticks in their workplace. 

Lyme Disease and mental health

We wrapped up the season with an in-depth podcast with Dr. Brian Fallon. Dr. Fallon addressed the neuropsychiatric manifestations of Lyme disease, including his recent research collaboration with Danish researcher Dr. Michael Benros. Dr. Fallon also spoke about new research studies that are a part of an exciting Lyme disease clinical research network being coordinated by Columbia University Irvine Medical Centre in New York. 

Thank you podcast listeners: we want to hear from you!

Thank you to all of our guests this season and to all of our listeners! We want to find out more about the content you would like to hear more of, and which guests you would like to hear in future podcasts. Let us know by filling out our podcast survey.

Thank you again and we’ll see you again in Season Five!

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