Tick awareness for tree planters

A close up of Tim Tchida.

Do you know a tree planter who’s getting ready to head out into the wilderness?

Episode 21 of season 2 Looking at Lyme has Sarah interviewing Tim Tchida, Owner and CEO of Summit Reforestation, about tick awareness and education for workers in the field.

Tim’s own devastating ordeal with Lyme disease drives him to share information and protocols and to educate others.

What can employers do to protect staff who work in the outdoors? How can industry leaders work together to standardize tick awareness and protocols so workers are better protected in the field and receive treatment for acute infections?

Let’s just keep bringing the awareness out into the field. Let’s look at the policies and procedures that we can do collectively together for education and then look at some standard processes for acute treatment and then what we need to do when we have exposure.

Tim Tchida, Owner and CEO Summit Reforestation

This encouraging episode speaks to the shift happening in Northern BC. Businesses have shared policies, developed standard processes for acute treatment, and provided training opportunities through organizations such as the Western Forestry Contractors’ Association.

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