Deep into the world of ticks with Justin Wood

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In the second episode of Podcast Looking at Lyme Season 1, we feature an interview with Justin Wood, founder of Geneticks Canada. Justin takes us deep into the world of ticks. We find out what makes ticks tick, including their feeding patterns and life stages. We learn about the different kinds of ticks found in Canada, as well as valuable information about how to identify ticks and know which ones can transmit pathogens to humans.

Generally, when the tick is biting and attached, you are not really feeling anything, when it is feeding on you.

Justin Wood, founder of Geneticks Canada

Did you know that many people don’t feel anything when a tick bites? Justin fills us in about how ticks are able to attach and feed undetected, even after several days. We learn about some of the pathogens that ticks carry, including one carried by the Lonestar tick that can cause an allergy to red meat. We also explore the effect of climate change on tick populations in Canada. So tuck your pants into your socks and dive into this fascinating podcast about ticks.

The more we know about these tiny arachnids, the more prepared we are to stay safe in the outdoors.

Justin Wood from Geneticks.

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