Teaching outdoor leaders how to stay safe

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From our vault: Episode 16 Season 1, Michael Crawford talk outdoor education with Sarah Cormode.

Sarah digs into the importance of adequate training in wilderness first aid skills when she interviews Michael Crawford, instructor at Slipstream Wilderness First Aid in Victoria, BC. ⁠

Michael discusses the difference between regular first aid and wilderness first aid, like knowing how to identify health issues which need to be addressed immediately versus those which can wait.⁠ In the courses, he emphasizes the importance of prevention to avoid potential health risks, including teaching participants to perform a daily tick check in order to reduce their risk of contracting Lyme disease.⁠

Michael also teaches about when to include Lyme disease as a differential diagnosis, making it one of the possible explanations for signs and symptoms a person may be experiencing. He points out that for those who have symptoms involving multiple systems, Lyme disease should be on their radar as a possible cause.⁠

Thank you, Michael for teaching outdoor leaders and enthusiasts how to stay safe in the outdoors!⁠

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