Dr. Liz Zubek

In Episode 1, Sarah Cormode explores Lyme disease through the perspective of a Canadian family physician during her interview with Dr. Liz Zubek.

Dr. Liz Zubek is a family physician with a special interest in Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses.  Her practice is based in Maple Ridge, B.C. She is a clinical instructor with the department of Family Practice at UBC, and has served as a consultant at the UBC Complex Chronic Diseases clinic. 

Dr. Zubek was a speaker at the Canadian Conference to Develop a Federal Framework on Lyme Disease, and participated in the CIHR Best Brains Exchange on Lyme Diagnostics. She attends the yearly PHAC-sponsored multidisciplinary roundtable on Lyme disease. Most recently Dr. Zubek was on the working group to develop the 2020 Centre for Effective Practice:  Early Lyme Disease Management in Primary Care Toolkit.

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